She Said

“The 21st Century will be the century of girls and women”, declared Michelle Bachelet, UN Women Executive Director, in September 2011.

How do women in the 21st Century express themselves, create, and fight for their rights, both in their private lives and in the public sphere? How powerful and necessary is the female voice? How altered, how unnoticed? How is it formed historically? “She Said” is a production that seeks to reveal invisible female voices, recorded without a ripple, and investigates how they shape, write and tell history.


She Said, The National Theatre of Greece – Experimental Stage:

  • Maro Triantafyllou, Newspaper Epoxi (6 May 2018)


  • Mania Zousi, Newspaper Aygi (1 April 2018)


Concept/Direction: Hari Marini

Dramaturgical team: Eleni Karagiorgi, Eirini Margariti, Hari Marini, Andreas Tsanakas, Philip Hager

Performers: Euaggelia Astridou, Eirini Glambedaki, Rania Mprilaki, Eirini Tzanetoulakou

Video & graphics: Maria Douni

Music & sound design: Fotis Karagiannis

Costumes: Theodora Soumaleuri

Scenography: George Moustakas

Lighting design: George Agiannitis

Photography: Antigone Kourakou

Special thanks: Barbara Bridger, Thodoris Kominis, Maria Liakogkona, Marilena Triantafyllidou, Matthew Williams, The mama made