The Outside In

Queen Mary University of London, June 2007

No Gray In My Day Gallery, London, June 2007

Live Performance Practice as Research, Royal Holloway, University of London, June 2007

You And Your Work, Bristol, June 2007

“Enquire within… Just decorating… It’s a very small fridge… I THINK I AM ALONE HERE FOREVER… Cozy… I had an accident… Jane, she loves washing… Lost in the forest… Take my mobile… Rudimentary exchange… WHAT HAVE I LOST?… NO LIGHTS, NO HOUSES, NO NEWS, NO NEWSPAPERS… Are you scared of death?… Water Tank… TALK TO ME…. WHAT AM I DOING HERE?… IT WAS TOO DARK TO WALK A FEW FEET ALONE… Mint… I want to Sing… Are you still there?…”

What happens when you step outside your four concrete walls? Do you feel vulnerable or liberated?

PartSuspended sets up its shelters in the middle of the city and is looking for you to visit them. By being in PartSuspended’s odd, poetic and welcoming neighbourhood, you might find yourself remembering, confessing, playing or laughing. The inhabitants invite you to journey through their private spaces, in sharp contrast to the surrounding urban space.


Concept: Hari Marini

Devisers/Performers: Antigoni Pasidi, Hari Marini , Lalage Harries, Mary Bleasdale

Photography: Matthew Skelton

Special thanks: Christina Galyfianaki, Eirini Kartsaki, Natasa Stamatari, Theo Kominis