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Review of Hari’s poetry collection 28 διαδρομές της / 28 paths of her

The book has a wonderful sense of how to use and maximise poetic and visual space. I am struck by the shapes and contours of the poems and the use of borders / margins, and the words that employed outside of those borders and margins. They carry additional resonance as well as enhance the poetic effects. […] The book is full of such exact placements, which serve to enhance the text by showing the reader. The poems centrally confront and at angles the experience of a woman migrant walking through urban spaces. There are sensual and performance acts as much as speech and sonic acts throughout and it is this fuller and more enriched narrative scope and focus that draws the reader more fully into the experiences with their multiple and polyphonic basis enacted by the visual and written texts. […] This is the kind of book that one cherishes and will always seek to reread and find more joys from within. 

David Caddy (editor of Tears in the Fence magazine) is a poet, essayist, critic and literary sociologist. He regularly contributes essays to books and journals.

Remain suspended in-between

Hari’s article on PartSuspended’s work entitled ‘Remain suspended in-between’ has been published to the special issue of Journal of Greek Media and Culture ‘Dramaturgies of change: Greek theatre now’ guest edited by Marissia Fragkou and Philip Hager. Volume 3 Issue 2, October 2017.

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