Queen Mary, University of London, Boiler Room, June 2006

“…whilst on InterRail in Genoa, I could practically walk round the city blindfolded, the time I spent looking for my bag in dodgy alleyways and doorways…”

“Doors close to tell me of my rejections or another isolation, doors swing wide open like broad smiles to welcome my approach, or doors sternly bar my way, imprisoning me by becoming impenetrable walls… Doors punctuate my farewells or joyfully celebrate my reunion… Through doors, the world comes to meet me… The doorway is between outside and inside, between public and private, between anonymity and familiarity, between foreign and personal; doors frame our precious moments of meeting and parting, and across their thresholds passes our fate.”

Richard Lang


Concept & Direction: Hari Marini

Devised & Performed by: Antigoni Pasidi, Andreas Bontas, Hari Marini, Lalage Harries, Mary Bleasdale, Michelle Banville, Zoe Warlow

Photography: Matthew Skelton – image gallery at Burning Image

Text: Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

Special thanks to Theo Kominis, Yuko Iwata, Giles Brokensha, Nando Messias