Arrivals- Departures

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The series of the project Arrivals-Departures explores the meaning of ‘arrivals’ and ‘departures’ in our lives, especially at a time when the movement of people, products and ideas is increasing at a fast pace. Journeys contain hope, happiness, enthusiasm, but also fear, anxiety, and even death. We work on the concept of ‘arrivals’ and ‘departures’ by collecting stories and looking at transition spaces (such as train or tube stations, airports and ports). How have ‘arrivals’ and ‘departures’ affected our lives and contributed to wanted or unwanted changes? As we don’t always get to choose which direction our journey takes, we aim to capture the comic and dark side of unexpected turns in our life. Through physicality, video projections, sound and devised text, Arrivals-Departures: Station 3 explores what happens during the transition period in which we are moving from one place “physical, mental, imaginative or emotional” to another. Each space where we present our piece constitutes a ‘Station’ influencing the performance and leaving its imprint in the dramaturgy of the devised outcome