The Falling Shift has emerged as a theme for a perfomative exploration of the concept of time as we experiencing it in urban spaces. How events recur over time; how time is experienced through rhythm and rhythm develops through time. The Falling Shift disrupts visually and spatially the flow of attendees, passers-by and visitors. By emptying and filling the containers up with rice, we create a kind of “hourglass” and through this playful and poetic gesture, we invite people (building-users / city-users) to reflect on the way they experience falling, time and space. The Falling Shift marks and maps time by the action of falling. Sometimes traces of this falling have an effect, disrupting people’s scheduled activities and journeys within a particular space, and sometimes they are un-noticed and invisible.


Concept: Hari Marini

Devisers/Performers: Hari Marini and Sarahleigh Castelyn

Video editing and production: Kakia Konstantinaki, Christos Rachiotis