A Desire to Escape From…

  • Psi19 Stanford, ‘Now Then: Performance and Temporality’, Praxis session: Talking about Economy/ies, June 2013

A desire to escape from… to affirm our freedom in relation to the economies of time, this is our aim. We have worked through a thought of freedom, of escaping value, of experiencing the unmeasurable, an incalculable experience, to affirm all our desires, the qualities of our collective durations, the potential and actual capacities of our body—all of this has been quite important for this project. This is why we use the indefinite phrase ‘a desire to escape from…’. . If we think that the components of the word ‘economy’ (‘eco’-ikos=home) can be found in other words such as eco-logy or neologisms as eco-time; and then ‘nomos’ (law) comes from the greek verb ‘nemo’ which means to distribute. So throughout we are playing with the concepts: distributing home(eco)-time, searching for time in/out, don’t economize on my time. Our conception of the home is not simply bounded by living room, kitchen, and bedroom. We affirm a collective home apart from the place we live; this extended home can be somewhere or something that brings us in contact with ourselves and dreams, back to our body’s rhythm, and allows our sense of personal time and action to be developed. A stammer or hiatus in the rhythms of a common home allows for new distributions between and beyond our ecologies. We aimed to distribute different futile/pointless actions.

We brought our own rhythms, sounds, ecologies from the frenetic city into our walk through the marshes. We formed our feedback loop from the marshes to our editing space/home.


Provocation and video created by Jonathan Caicedo-Galindo, Diego F. Caicedo-Galindo, Shanice Lawson, Hari Marini, Saskia Fischer, Amit Rai, Assia Rai, Nagesh