Contemporary Performance

PartSuspended is an artist collective who are working in a variety of art forms and disciplines.

PartSuspended is the brainchild of Hari Marini, a performance maker and researcher living in London and Athens. Hari founded PartSuspended in 2006 as a dynamic platform on which to foster a wide variety of performances and collaborations with other artists.

The group creates performances starting from personal experiences, everyday life, social space and architecture. We draw on contemporary life for our material: questions, pleasure, anger, fractures, contradictions; we explore these with the audience.

Our performances look for fragments, chance, intuition, randomness, facts and poetry in contemporary life; for words that have been unsaid, bodily expressions that have remained undisclosed, communication that is yet to be achieved.

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@Mary_NBelevi: Pray for Greece! 😢😢
Pray for Turkey! 😭

#PrayForGreece #GreeceIsBurning #PrayForTurkey
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@weirdaalex: another friend of mine just lost their house in the flames.This is so tragic I can’t even explain my frustration rn. Pls help spread awareness this is so serious we need help from other countries idk what to do to help my friends #Πυρκαγια #φωτιες #φωτια #greeceisburning

Spirals: Turning Points #WIP: Work in Progress/Working Process. Curated by Queer Arts Projects.

15 October  2020 –15 January 2021 


SPIRALS, CIRCLES, GALAXIES, Something Other: On Circularity. Curated by Maddy Costa, Diana Damian Martin and Mary Paterson, hosted by Live Art Development Agency, May 2020.
Listen to the audio here.

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Spirals is a poetic journey that crosses geographical borders and unites European female voices in an exchange of languages, cultures, personal narratives and modes of expression… Learn more >


Hari Marini has published her poetry collection 28 διαδρομές της / 28 paths of her, September 2019

Translated by Theo Kominis

Foreword by Barbara Bridger

Translation editing by Andreas Tsanakas

Cover page by Antigoni Pasidi

Mixed and Designed by AKAKIA Publications


28 Paths of Her has been reviewed by Barbara Bridger in Tears in the Fence: an independent, international literary magazine, Issue 70, September 2019.


The book is available from Amazon and AKAKIA Publications.


Hari’s article on PartSuspended’s work entitled ‘Remain suspended in-between‘ has been published in the special issue of Journal of Greek Media and Culture ‘Dramaturgies of change: Greek theatre now‘ guest edited by Marissia Fragkou and Philip Hager. Volume 3 Issue 2, October 2017.