Artistic Collective

What if possibilities exist beyond the expected

What if voices caress the forgotten desires

Broken narratives

Multiple languages

Poetic gestures

No linear time

Never-ending process

Continually questioning

******* Remain UN-CATEGORISED *******

Remain supportive

Remain OPEN

Uncover multiple realities

PartSuspended artist collective works in a variety of art forms and disciplines. The collective uses a range of performance practices to explore the intersection between artistic creation and various aspects of contemporary life.  PartSuspended’s work draws on personal and collective experiences, everyday life, social space and architecture in an attempt to imagine new possibilities for feminist action.  PartSuspended is particularly interested in feminist work that asks questions and challenges conventional boundaries and forms. Their work is multimedia, multilingual and multidisciplinary.

In 2006, Hari Marini co-founded PartSuspended as a dynamic platform on which to foster performances, live art, video-work, installations, writing, participatory workshops and collaborations with artists from a variety of disciplines. The collective has presented their work to a variety of venues, symposia, conferences, online platforms and international festivals in the UK, USA, Spain, Greece, Serbia, Czech Republic.