]eco.philia.sym.posion[ invites the audience to participate in an intimate ritual of reminiscence, action and sharing. They are given an opportunity to rethink and experience their connection to the natural environment and to consider what it means to rebuild their friendship (philia) with nature (home/eco). The term ‘ecophilia’ can be considered as the love for the place where all beings live, that is, the Earth and nature.

The degradation of natural sources and the environmental crisis are dramatic manifestations of the disturbance of our relationship with nature. How can we restore our friendship (philia) with our home (eco), nature? What does it mean to love nature? Can we think of sustainability as a healing project? What are the myths that are cultivated, and how can we dismantle the ‘myth of progress’?

]eco.philia.sym.posion[ takes place around a table in the form of an intimate dinner, where whilst the audio-visual media is used to enhance the immersive atmosphere. Through the embodied knowledge that is built collectively and the value of sharing, ]eco.philia.sym.posion[ constructs a new narrative that opposes the dystopian landscape and invites us to imagine a different future.

Presenting at the Thessaloniki Fringe Festival, May 2024

Direction/facilitation: Hari Marini
Research/creative team: Barbara Bridger, Noelia Diaz Vicedo, Georgia Kalogeropoulou, Eirini Margariti, Hari Marini, Andreas Tsanakas
Video & soundscape: Georgia Kalogeropoulou
Artistic & technical support: Yro Michalakakou
Performers: Rania Brilaki, Eugenia Cherouvim, Eirini Glampedaki, Sevi Staikou


]sym.biosis.sym.posion[ focuses on the intersection of performance space with participatory practices from feminist perspectives in times of crisis. Socio-political circumstances that reinforce borders, spatial power, gender inequalities, environmental degradation, accompanied by the uncertainty of the post-pandemic era have reshaped our involvement in public life and the dynamics of human interaction.

]sym.biosis.sym.posion[ asks questions about living space and the value of collective action. What it means to assemble, to find ourselves in the same space and time, to share, to construct a new narrative and to imagine a different future.

]sym.biosis.sym.posion[ takes place around a table that travels to various locations in the city and ends in an intimate dinner at the performance space. The audience is invited to participate in discussions that include a series of philosophical questions and provocations relating to public life, collective action, gender, diversity, ecophilia, cultural and spatial politics.

First presented at the Audio-visual Arts Festival 2023, Department of Audiovisual Arts, Ionian University, May 2023

Creative team: PartSuspended
Barbara Bridger, Noelia Diaz-Vicedo, Georgia Kalogeropoulou, Serafeim Kontonasios, Hari Marini, Yro Michalakakou