Actions and Post-Theatre of Joan Brossa

After writing the poem,
the limits of the page are no longer
where the paper was cut

Joan Brossa. Trans. John London (Metamorphoses, 5, No. 2, April 1997)

Actions and Post-Theatre of Joan Brossa explores the unexpected encounters and poetic gestures in a selection of excerpts from Joan Brossa’s work. A collage of personas, musicians, clowns, striptease artists, singers, ballerinas, magicians, objects, actions and texts appear on stage, revealing the ridiculous and at the same time the poetic. A journey from surreal to personal, from confusion to harmony, from deconstruction to unity, from playfulness to reflection. Subtle actions alternate with stylistic happenings. Playfulness and humour meet poetry and subvert the established order. Joan Brossa is one of the greatest Catalan post-war poets and avant-garde artists, whose work crosses boundaries between art forms. Actions and Post-Theatre of Joan Brossa invites the audience to experience the absurd world of associations and surprising encounters created through Brossa’s poetic and imaginative work.

Hari Marini is the first director to have staged Joan Brossa’s work in the UK. Her production is a revelation.’
John London, Chair of Department, Director of Centre for Catalan Studies


Playwright/Poet: Joan Brossa

Translators: John London, Mike Roberts and Débora Antscherl

Direction: Hari Marini

Literary and linguistic consultant: John London

Performers: María José Andrade, Camilla Canocchi, Benedetta Castello, Efi Dementi, Philip Magee, Zoe Tsavdaridou

Contralto: Irini Tzanetoulakou

Musician: Maria Chatzipouliou

Costume designer: Natasa Stamatari

Set designer: George Moustakas

Lighting designer: Anna Sbokou

Theatre technician: Jules Deering

Photography: Dani Harvey

Video editors: Joel Court, Alex Goss

Teaser editor: Farzad Moloudi

Special thanks: Klaas Boelen, Carme Calduch, Rupert Dannreuther, Matthew Williams