Making an EXIT, Chisenhale Dance Space. Curated by Antigone Avdi, Antonio de la Fe, Rachel Gomme, Timothy Trimingham Lee and Danai Pappa. March 2019

You are facing The Event. The unknown. A million futures lie ahead of you, just like the million-less-one pasts that never happened. The present is a tightrope, that single path your life is on. You play a game of chances.

 (Dis)Connected is a performance about uncertainty, probabilities, and failure; powerlessness and nascent hope. We explore the ties that connect us, whilst Brexit looms at our doorstep.


Direction: Hari Marini

Text: Hari Marini, Andreas Tsanakas

Scenographer: George Moustakas

Sound artist: Marcel Dune

Performers: Mark Amura, Efi Dementi

Special thanks: Jules Deering (Technical Director of Drama, Queen Mary University of London),

Agelos Pasc, Katerina Plota